SDS Import-Export deals with Madagascar bourbon vanilla, a selection of high quality spices from Madagascar and other parts of the world (Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Guatemala) and with herbal teas from the Carpathian region in Hungary .

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla
Madagascar Cinnamon
High Quality Spices
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Herbal Teas

The spices of Madagascar origin are obtained through direct contacts in different areas of the country, representing alternative distribution channels to ensure high product quality and economic sustainability and equity of the commercial operation as well. Our business in Madagascar presents some innovative aspects compared to traditional channels of major companies operating in the market of spices:

Supplier for:
– Ice cream shops
– Wholesalers
– Retailers
– Herbal shops
– Quality food stores
    •  high quality target, all first quality products directly imported by air, avoiding the long staying of goods in container marine transportation
    • only fresh spices, available from the last harvest in Madagascar, obtained by traditional cultivation and sustainable from an environmental perspective, without use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. The preservation is naturally, without the use of any chemicals. While still not getting organic certification (too expensive for a third world country), our spices should be considered “organic” as well.
    • our lead product, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, is always available at affordable price, minimizing frequent price fluctuations typical of the vanilla market
  • introduction into the European market of spices little known or completely unknown, such as the voatsiperiferi (wild pepper from Madagascar) or the combava
  • fair price paid to producers, which are small local farmers, contrary to what happens in traditional commerce, where most of the profits goes to exporters and large landownerslong-term cooperation, thus facilitating the investment policies to improve the on-site production facilities
  • pre-financing of part of the business, sometimes anticipating part of the payments that is used to cover the expenses necessary to start the new cycle of planting and harvest of products
  • a work environment respectful of human dignity, safe and healthy, improving the economic and social conditions of the farmers
skype: sdspezie
fax: +39.011-0433713
        Herbal teas come from the Carpathian region in Hungary, an area that has a long tradition in the collection and preparation of medicinal herbs. Our products are also available in elegant and original gift boxes suited to shop windows of delicatessens, wine bars, and high quality food market.


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  1. Buonasera, era un piacere a parlare con Lei stasera, scusate che non l’avevo collegato subito. Come d’accordi presi telefonicamente, vorrei ordinare 2 pacchi di 125gr di vaniglia quando arriva la nuova consegna. Dal mio ultimo ordine, abbiamo preso la partita IVA e ci serve per favore la fattura:
    Casa Chilenne B&B di J.L. Wong
    Via Nazionale, 65
    52044 Cortona
    P.IVA- 02203640517

    tel: 0575 603320 oppure 338 7727427

    Aspetto le Vs. direttive per effettuare il pagamento. Grazie ancora.

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